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Growing Guides - Growing RHUBARB

A Guide to Growing RHUBARB

Planting and Spacing:

Plant rhubarb roots in early spring. Space rhubarb 36 inches apart. Much smaller than this will crowd the plants, results in a diminished crop, and increase the likelihood of spreading disease. A mature rhubarb plant will typically grow to 3 feet in diameter by 3 feet tall. Plant the rows with the crown bud 2 inches below the surface of the soil. The hole for the crown should be dug extra large, and compost or peat moss should be mixed with the soil to be placed around the roots. Firm the soil around the roots, but keep it loose over the buds. Water the crowns after planting. Use a water soluble or granular fertilizer with a low nitrogen content, such as 5-10-10. Good garden drainage is essential in growing rhubarb. For home gardeners, planting in raised beds helps prevent rotting of the crowns. Crowns will live for many years if cared for properly, but because of diseases and insects, it is normal to reset a bed after 4-5 years.

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